Pokémon is getting an unexpected designer treatment with this Prabal Gurung collection

Pokémon basically took over the world a few months ago — but we still didn’t expect the pop cultural phenomenon to infiltrate the fashion world. Yet, sure enough, that’s exactly what just happened: High-fashion designer Prabal Gurung used the wild, neon world of Pokémon as his muse for his most recent collection. The designer sought approval from Pokémon International before creating this line, which feels every bit as vibrant and poppy as you’d expect from anything inspired Prabal and the world established by the Pokémon franchise. Wild colors, textures, patterns — that’s the stuff you’ll find in this whimsical collection! The pieces are available to shop now at Jeffrey’s New York.

The bad news? Because this is a collection by Prabal Gurung, the pieces are pretty pricey. With that being said, you can definitely look to them for inspiration! A few of our favorite items appear below.

Sleeveless printed blouse, $695


Skirt, $695


Embroidered dress, $1,395


Cropped spiky sweater, $1,450


Jiggly puff T-shirt, $325


Pencil skirt, $1,295