While we weren’t looking, the sequel to Pokémon Go was released!

Guys, while we were distracted by Donald Trump and the Oscars, the sequel to Pokémon Go was launched, and we feel like we’re about to get obsessed again!

You might remember that the summer of 2016 the world was enthralled by two things: “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey and the mobile app Pokémon Go. In fact, it essentially took over people’s lives, with everyone getting hooked on catching the pocket monsters, including heaps of celebs.

However, part of why we loved the app was because of the sweet stories we heard about how it helped people with their mental health, inspired people to go on dates, and got people thinking about fitness.

However, while we were distracted by what appears to be the end of days, it seems that the sequel to the popular game, titled Pokémon Duel, was released for iOS and Android phones!

The new app contains the feature that everyone who played Pokémon Go was waiting for: the ability to fight each other.

While the original game was developed by app developer Niantic, Pokémon Duel has been developed in house by The Pokémon Company. Like the original game, players collect Pokémon and then battle a team of up to six monsters against another team, something that features heavily in the Nintendo games.


"This is a mobile strategy game where players deploy digital Pokémon figures, making strategic moves and setting figures against each other in battle as they try to reach the goal in their opponent’s territory, said The Pokémon Company.

It appears that Pokémon Duel does not feature the augmented reality element that made its predecessor so popular. Rather, the player’s attention is focused more within the app itself. Indeed, Pokémon Go has proven so popular that the app has been downloaded 500 million times since it was launched last summer, and has made a whopping $950 million in revenue from in-app purchases.

While it’s yet to be seen whether Pokémon Duel will reach those lofty heights, it seems that The Pokémon Company is dedicated to the game, which is also expected to launch on Nintendo’s new console, the Switch, which is released in March.

Pokémon Duel is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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