A Pokémon Frappuccino exists, because of course it does

Pokémon Go has taken over our world — specifically our streets, parks, gyms, malls, bathrooms, etc. etc — and now it’s taking over Starbucks. Because walking places outside of your home is obviously super tiring and thirst-quenching.

So what better way to not be tired or thirsty than to drink a FRAPPUCCINO?

Starbucks stores all over the world are serving Pokéball Frappuccinos — but since the Frapp is an off-menu item, it seems like not many locations have caught on to the yummy craze.

The locations seem to be pretty random, but we know for sure that various locations in New Zealand, Korea, and California are selling them… you know, if you’re up for a wild goose/Poké Frappe chase.

If your local chain doesn’t sell them, however, you may want to let the baristas know what they (and you) are missing out on, and maybe the the Poké Frappe will be available by your next visit (let’s think positive, you guys).


Here’s what’s in it: a mix of Vanilla on the bottom with Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino, topped with strawberry whipped cream and made to look like the Pokémon balls used to catch monsters in the game.

So not only is it delicious and pretty to look at, it’s super fun.

And most importantly — the Pokéball Frappe will give you the strength you need to never stop catching monsters.