These Pokémon fans are turning their old trading cards into stunning works of art

Thanks to the Internet, we now have another fad to completely obsess over. A ton of Pokémon fans are painting over their collectors cards, and the results are absolutely stunning. We’re talking magical landscapes and oceanic backdrops covering the stats information that most of us didn’t really understand anyway. But, the artwork isn’t just reserved to one playing card. Sometimes, artists create masterpieces using two or three cards to create a full portrait! It’s THAT cool.

They’ve officially answered the age old question of what to do with the shoebox of Poké cards under our beds. We’re sure the project is a lot harder than what it seems, but it sure is fun seeing all of the magic fans are able to create. Leave it to Pokémon enthusiasts to put our artistic abilities up to task.

In case Pokémon Go wasn’t your thing, this new obsession could be the thing to get you excited about the franchise. Just grab your cards, some paint, and a paintbrush and let it rip. And you can do it in the privacy of your own home. So it’s perfect for introverts looking to indulge in an internet fad, but without having to leave their home.

Turning old trading cards into gallery worthy pieces of art? Classic!

And we can’t stop obsessing over how good they are.

It’s done a little something like this: Fans take their old Poké cards and paint over the informational portion. They use the Pokémon portrait in the center for inspiration. And with their imaginations, the artists turn the stats portion into beautiful sceneries.

Still confused to what we mean? Take a look at how it’s down, below!


Not sure about you, but our minds are totally blown. We’ve got to collect them all…Poké-art!