Pokémon is erasing these two characters in their upcoming movie, and we can’t deal

You’re asking why, we’re asking why — we’re all asking WHY?! Yet, no one has an answer. If you’re not aware, Brock and Misty will not make an appearance in the latest Pokémon moviePokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!, and we’re not sure how to feel.

We know this thanks to Twitter user, Alex Aniel, who was able to see the film during a Japan Expo screening. He made a note of all the character appearances and two very important names did not make the “appearances/cameos” cut.

Instead, Brock and Misty were only mentioned in the credits. What gives, Pokémon? Where would Ash be if not for his two besties?

Mashable reports that the latest film is a “condensed remake” of the first 80 episodes of the Pokémon television series — during most of which Misty and Brock are integral cast members. Misty appeared in the very first episode, with Brock stepping into place during the fifth.

But it’s not the case that Misty and Brock have been cut and Ash is setting out on his adventures in Pokémon 20 alone. Misty and Brock have been replaced.

The new side-kicks are named Makoto and Souji. See if you can “catch them” in the film’s trailer.


When a fan asked Aniel if Brock, Misty, and the other credits characters had a chance to say anything during the credits, Aniel’s answer was disappointing. false

This is how we’re feeling right now —

Technically, the trio did split up at the end of the original series. Brock and Ash were reunited later, but Misty never came back on board. But if this film is supposed to be a remake of the first 80 episodes, Misty and Brock should have been included. We can only hope that in future Pokémon films, Misty and Brock will be revived to their former glory.

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