This giant Pokémon cushion is the stuff of childhood dreams

It’s time to break open that Pikachu bank! Your years of saving up for the perfect Poké-something have finally paid off. That something has arrived and it is a real-life adorable giant Snorlax cushion.


While there have been many delightful Poké-surprises recently as Pokémon celebrate 20 years, this giant plush doll has got to be one of the greatest. Just thinking about this large, gentle, cuddle-mon existing in real life is making us so exhausted with excitement, Snorlax-style.


The five-foot-tall Snorlax, which was created by my new favorite Japanese company Bandai, is currently available now on pre-order for around a mere $460. A small price to pay considering you could snuggle on the legendary belly of the lovable but gluttonous Poké-friend.

While this pillow is not quite the size of a real Snorlax, since we all know the real Snorlax was about 6’11” and towered over many other creatures in the Pokémon universe, it’s a more reasonable size to have in your home.

If you don’t think you have space for something this delightful, I suggest you swap out that corner armchair or even your bed. Why settle for standard, normal, adult-like furniture anymore when you could be wrapped in the arms of your childhood’s favorite sleeping Pokémon?


While we don’t yet have confirmation that the pillow will groom you with slobbery kisses like a real Snorlax, hopefully that won’t stop you from heading over to the Bandai website and seeing this precious pillow for yourself!