Brilliant graphics artist creates old-school point-and-click video games of our favorite television shows

There is no Friends video game, but there SHOULD BE. There should actually be video games for all our favorite shows, TBH, so we can play them when we’re done binging and hungry for more.

Others have this same thought, and one very talented artist actually made it happen. While you can’t play these video games (yet), artist Andrew Scaife went ahead and created some mockups for us to stare at all day, completely mesmerized by their pixels.

Using the old-school point and click video game model (very popular during the late 90s, and very popular with the now defunct LucasArts video games, RIP) Scaife has created some pretty impressive television worlds. They’ve also perfectly captured what point and click video games used to be like. You had your character, and that character had a whole inventory of things and objects they could use on other things and objects. Like, how for the Friends‘ game you’ve got a glass of fat (you know, the one Joey drinks thinking it’s cider), and you can “use the glass of fat with Ross.” Pause to LOL for like, 10 minutes.

With Kimmy Schmidt you can “push mysterious crank.”

The Parks and Rec one is SPOT ON at Entertainment 720, where you walk in and “pick up complimentary iPad.” The things already in your inventory include the Cones of Dunshire, a calzone, and Tom’s cologne, which is all TOO GOOD.

There’s also Breaking Bad, featuring our favorite RV. Please also note how the text on the screen mimics the Breaking Bad font.

If you want to check out the rest of Scaife’s work, head over to his Tumblr or Facebook page for your daily nostalgic fix. And hope that eventually someone gets around to making these games IRL.

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