The poetry in finding your best, most wonderful self

Sometimes, when you’re feeling kind of lost or you could totally use a pep-talk, it can feel good to jot down positive, whimsical ideas. Your aspirations, your dreams, your goals. If you’re in a funk, or if you’re having that kind of day, here are some poetic thoughts to keep you company:

1. Take the train in the rain. Keep your eyes open wide as the scenery drains by, if that’s what gets your brain high. Do what you love. Don’t waste time chasing signs of something that isn’t meant to be. Set yourself free. 

2. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll be motivated to work hard, and when you really, really work hard at something, you’ll become the best you can be. You’ll be your best self. You’ll fly to the top of the shelf. What else?

3. Don’t hang around with boys or girls who make you feel anything less than soaring. Don’t hang around with people you find boring. Don’t ever feel that you have to stifle your personality to get some company. They’re not the right friends for you. You can’t and won’t shine bright with that crew. Be with people that excite you, that ignite you, that share the nights with you, but also the days. Find those that won’t stray when you don’t feel your most happy self. Find those that can chat you round. Those who know you inside out and know what to say on those days when you feel like you’re slipping away. They’ll bring you back to ground. 

4. Romantically, don’t let yourself fall for people who aren’t falling over backwards to get tangled with you. They won’t do. If they don’t treat you right at first, they’re not your fate. Hold on and wait for someone who won’t question your traits, or make you feel self-hate. Someone who loves you for you. Someone who wants to cuddle with you because no one else will do. 

5. Find a job that teaches you, not one that leeches every ounce of enthusiasm from your bones and makes you feel alone. Have healthy habits and don’t worry about your weight —your appearance will change over the years, like the range of your peers, but healthy habits will inhabit within and spin you into something great. Greater than you already are, which is hard. 

6. Don’t let your outside eclipse your inside. Don’t hide from opportunities because you feel like you don’t deserve them; you deserve them more than anyone else. Because, you are you. And you are beautiful. 

7. Find what makes you your best self and avoid situations and complications that bring out the worst in you. 

8. Find your best self and love it unconditionally. Once you do, you’ll allow the best kind of other people to love your self, too. 

Jenny Rae is a recent graduate and arts enthusiast based in the North of England. Loves: writing, 90’s hip-hop, Americana, big jumpers, the Tenenbaum house, cups of tea (milk, two sugars) and cool women. She blogs at Paperback Thrones about cool places, cool people and cool things. My twitter is @pbthrones My blog is

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