Read the moving poem Amber Tamblyn penned in honor of A Day Without A Woman

Not only is today, March 8th, International Women’s Day, but it’s also being called A Day Without A Woman. Thousands of women all over the U.S. are participating in a strike today to prove just how much the world needs us to survive, and to demand equal rights for women everywhere. Amber Tamblyn, actress, activist, and writer, has always been outspoken about women’s rights, so it’s no surprise that she’s taking part in A Day Without A Woman. Amber even wrote a poem in honor of this special day, and it’s called “Uncertainty.”

The poem has been published on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and it chronicles what life would look like for men if women weren’t around. It’s a touching, hilariously accurate poem that proves just how talented Amber is — and how much she appreciates what women do for this world every single day.

“Men spend the day sharing

very little with each other

and even less with themselves;

their hearts hungry,

wholly alone souls”

Throughout the poem, the men Amber writes about pose questions to themselves that make us all think about women’s roles in our society. They wonder, “What’s a mother,” “What is love,” and “What is life without women,” all the while going about their day in a detached way. Amber makes it abundantly clear by the end of the poem that men are lost without women, and they can’t help but feel like something is missing when women aren’t near them.

As always, Amber makes us all stop in our tracks and think about our worth as women. Hopefully men realize today what a different place the world is without healthy, supported women contributing to society on the regular.