P!nk’s Daughter Willow Is the Star of “True Love”

P!nk’s 2-year-old daughter Willow is coming up, so you better get this party started. The punky-haired pop star recently released a video for her new single, “True Love,” a love/hate love song about her tumultuous relationship with husband Carey Hart — and it’s pretty endearing. But don’t worry, she hasn’t gone totally soft on us:

The video itself is … confusing. Not cohesive. Colorful. Busy. There’s behind-the-scenes footage of P!nk on tour, in-flight and on-stage, tattoo-y graphics, several clips of Hart riding around on his motorbike looking like a teenager, giant puppets, assorted animations (including vegetables with faces, which freaks me out), a cameo from Lily Allen wielding a large knife, looking like a psychopath (which freaks me out less than the vegetables with faces).

And then there’s Willow. Adorable, pig-tailed, mischievous little Willow, who totally steals every short scene she’s in. Jumping around, strapped to her mom on a bike, playing with stuffed animal vegetables, having a tea party — She’s just the cutest and looks like she’s having a ball. P!nk often takes her toddler on tour and is showing Willow the ropes of mommy’s job early on in hopes of achieving a healthy work/family balance. But just because she gets to rock out like a rock star, doesn’t mean she gets to run wild like a rock star.

Still, she admitted that she might have a little hellion on her hands:

Like mother, like daughter. (Lucky for Willow, she got a good one. With an insane set of abs.)

Featured image via DailyMail.co.uk

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