P!nk Reveals She Never Had A Feud With Britney Spears

"Actually, I've been very supportive in Britney's life," the singer shares.

“Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears… she’s so pretty… that just ain’t me” P!nk memorably sings in 2001’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me.”

The always candid singer is opening up about her reported “feuds” with Spears and Christina Aguilera, and other topics, in a new interview with People. The “What About Us” singer is promoting her new album Trustfall, which dropped earlier this month.

Addressing the Spears controversy, and whether or not her lyrics were throwing shade on her fellow pop diva, P!nk shares that she “loves that girl” and that Spears herself, was a fan.

“She was always carrying around one of my CD’s,” she says. “I’m very protective of her and she’s the sweetest person in the world… that sort of solidified my protector like big sister deal, was being with her then and seeing who her team was and meeting her parents.”

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It was the conservatorship by Spears’ dad Jamie and her well-documented mental health issues, that prompted P!nk to address the singer. While she related to Spears as a young pop star under a microscope, things turned out differently for her due to her tough-as-nails upbringing.

“I signed up for this life. I came into this world very resilient, very relentless, with a sick sense of humor, thick skin and a bleeding heart. So those f—ers couldn’t mess with me. They had nothing on my mother or my teachers,”  shares P!nk, who’s real name is Alecia Moore. “I lived a lot of lives before I changed my name to P!nk.”

P!nk teamed up with Aguilera for 2001’s “Lady Marmalade.” In an interview with Buzzfeed UKthe 43-year-old alluded to potential drama with the other singers. “It wasn’t very fun to make [this video.] There were some ‘personalities.’ [Lil’] Kim and Maya were nice… there was some annoying things happening that day.”

The mom-of-2 also reveals that she was asked to join in on that famous Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss on-stage at the 2003 VMA Awards.

“I think we all were [invited],” she reportedly told New York radio station KTU 103.5, according to Fox News. “I think Madonna wanted to kiss all of us,” adding that Gwen Stefani was asked to join as well. “It was a bunch of us. It was going to be a party. It would’ve been a really weird party,” she joked.

Jennifer Lopez also recently revealed on E! News that she, too, was invited for the infamous kiss, and was replaced by Aguilera due to scheduling issues.

P!nk’s ninth album Trustfall —which she told USA Today was largely inspired by the 2021 loss of her dad — is available for streaming now. She’ll also kick off a world tour this summer.

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