This company will send you a PMS package, because they understand the struggle

We have found the Holy Grail.

Finally, we’re starting to talk more openly about periods and everything that comes with them. Because, as we all know, “that time of the month” doesn’t just mean shedding your uterine lining. Along with that come cramps, back aches, bloating, plus all kinds of other pain and emotional turmoil. So much emotional turmoil. In fact, the ways to experience the negative sides of menstruation are as varied as the women who menstruate.

But, as different as we all are, there are some tried and true ways to address the complications that come along with periods. Sure, there are the rational things we can do, like exercising and eating healthy and all the things that just help overall health (whether you’re menstruating or not), but there are other things we do, too. Things that are more about comfort than outright logic. Sometimes you just need the comfort that comes along with well-worn sweatpants, junk food, and your all-time favorite movies. We’ve all been there.

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be amazing if someone took over supplying us with these less-practical-but-still-totally-needed period survival products? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, like clockwork, a period fairy delivered a care package to your doorstep when you’re desperate for some TLC? Well, we’re happy to tell you that the period fairy is real – but this magical being prefers to go by the name PMS Package.

From the comfort of your computer, you can go on the PMS Package website and subscribe to receive a period care package every month. You can pick the size of the package and the date of arrival, so your cycle is synced with this service. Once you receive your parcel, you’ll open it to discover an assortment of goodies that will make you look at the sky and whisper, “Thank you, PMS Package. Thank you.”

Depending on the size you order, your package may contain candy for cravings, beauty products for pampering, comfy socks for coziness, and even a movie for your viewing pleasure (we are most excited about this inclusion!). Oh – and there’s a “mystery item” because who wouldn’t want a fun surprise when they’re in the midst of menstrual misery?

Since the holidays are right around the corner, this would be a great/useful gift for a loved one. Just look at how much is contained within these beautiful boxes:

A little bit of comfort goes a long way and it seems like this package has more than a little bit. It may even make you teensy-weensy bit excited for “that time of the month.”

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