Pluto Retrograde ends this weekend, and here’s what that means for your everyday life

We’re knocking another summer retrograde off our list this weekend: Pluto goes direct on September 30th. Hooray! The little planet went retrograde on April 22nd, and if these last five months were indicative of anything, it’s that size doesn’t matter when it comes to retrogrades. No sirree. Pluto’s transit was, to say the least, transformative. Where we were then no longer exists—Pluto’s retrograde has left us shook.

But this is a good thing. Think of Pluto’s retrograde as the storm before the rainbow. The broken bone before the healing. We were forced to deal with major trauma in our lives, often the very issues that we had been denying or hiding for a long time. Basically, up until April, we were trying to do everything in our human power to avoid the upheaval that Pluto brought. Yet life, or in this case the universe, found a way.

Pluto’s retrograde urged us to deal with our shadow sides—the dark stuff we pretend isn’t a part of us because it’s so uncomfortable to acknowledge and accept; the stuff that controls us, literally or subconsciously. The addictions, the knee-jerk reactions, the monkey mind, etc. However, it’s these very parts of us that require the most healing and understanding. And Pluto’s retrograde helped us to realize that.

During this time, we finally dug deep. We went below the surface, where the darkness lives, and we discovered what needs to go. We sorted and sifted. We recognized what we were wasting our precious energy on, and we took ownership as we said no more. We looked at our patterning, and we looked at the life we’ve created around us, and then we assessed. We asked, “Is this really the life I want? How did I contribute to this? And now how do I let go of what no longer serves me so I can embrace health and love and newness?”

So now that Pluto is direct, we know what we have to do: we gotta set it all on fire. If you haven’t started already, Pluto going direct gives us permission to destroy the limitations, structures, ways of being, and even relationships that are holding us back. It’s time to reclaim our power.

Yes it could hurt as we delete, unfriend, and detox. But it’ll hurt so good. Expect changes, internally and externally, as the last remnants of our old lives finally shed away and make way for the new.

Pluto going direct is the cleansing we’ve been waiting five months for, because now we finally understand that we deserve more. We finally know we deserve clarity, freedom, and love.

Embrace the great release, bbs. It’s time.