#PlusIsEqual is the body-positive movement taking over New York Fashion Week

It started with a mystery advertisement in the September issue of Vogue.

In the fashion magazine’s most important issue of the year, silhouettes of several plus-size models were featured in an advertisement, the tagline “It’s Time For Change” and the hashtag #PlusIsEqual serving as the only clues.

Note: This ad featured the ONLY plus-size women in this particular issue of Vogue, proving the point that it most definitely is time to shake things up.

Well we are here to report that the mystery has officially been solved. Lane Bryant is the retailer behind the mystery ad, all done in an effort to get people talking and paradigms shifting. The movement features body-positive (role) models Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, Precious Victoria Lee, Georgia Pratt, Justine Legault, and Sabina Karlsson. We dig.

Ashley Graham told the Huffington Post exactly why this movement matters so much and just what it is. “Everyone deserves to see themselves being represented equally,” Graham explained. “#PlusIsEqual is showing that curvy women are accepted, they’re represented and being made a priority in the fashion industry. We definitely still have more progress to make, but campaigns like this and #IAmSizeSexy are raising awareness for body diversity and continuing these great conversations. I’m thankful to be a part of such an impactful movement.”

Backing up Graham’s words, on the #PlusIsEqual website, Lane Bryant explains that, “67% of US women are size 14 to 34. But they’re underrepresented on billboards, magazines, TV . . . everywhere. We believe all women should be seen and celebrated equally.”

In its as-yet short life, the #PlusIsEqual movement has already proved that print ads are not the only place where body-positivity rules. Earlier today an army of body-positivity supporters turned out to represent #PlusIsEqual in a Times Square takeover which shut down the famous hub for two hours. 

#PlusIsEqual will be popping up all over for the remainder of NYFW, on billboards, at events, and on social media. Additionally, expect ads in Vogue, Glamour, and during this year’s Emmys. We’re big fans of this fierce AF movement, and we love the powerful message they’re sending to New York Fashion Week, the fashion industry, and the world about celebrating all sizes and all bodies.

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