Blogger Awesomely Challenges Target’s Plus-Size Problem

Target has a history of not being cool when it comes to plus-sized women. There was that one time where they described the shade of grey of a plus-size dress as “manatee grey” while the smaller-sized dresses on the site in the exact same color were just described as “dark heather grey.” Oh, and then there was that other time where, instead of using a plus-size model to advertise a plus-size dress, Target used a smaller model and just stuck a fake pregnancy belly under her dress. (Oh my God, Target, ALL the head smacks, plus-size is NOT the same as pregnant.)

One plus-sized fashion blogger has had just about enough of Target’s shenanigans. GarnerStyle’s Chastity Garner recently blogged about her displeasure with the release of photos for Target’s new Altuzarra for Target collection. As Garner puts it:

“Literally 50 pieces of beautiful (and I mean beautiful) affordable clothing and none of it will be remotely close to the size that I wear. The collection consists of deep hues of burgundy, fabulous snake-skin prints, and fall worthy silk-like maxi dresses. . .enough to make any fashion lover lust. My heart sinks. You have once again made me feel like a second-class customer and because of that, I’m going to have to discontinue my relationship with you altogether. Year after year, season after season, you put out these gorgeous designer collections and you almost never include a plus range. Every time each of these collections is about to be released it feels like a slap in the face. To add insult to injury, over 6 months ago, you took most of your plus-size clothing out of the store, promising me something new and improved and that has yet to happen. I’ve been in this abusive relationship with you for far too long. I can’t do this anymore. I will be personally boycotting Target altogether. No more housewares, grocery shopping, electronics. . .nothing. I’m done.”

The thing about a boycott is, it doesn’t really work if only one person is doing the boycotting. That’s why Garner launched her online boycott, using hashtags #BoycottingTarget and #AltuzarraforTarget. Garner’s online boycott took off in a whoa-major way. Tons of women vowed online to stop shopping at Target and take their business to more inclusive retailers like Lane Bryant. The boycott has been enough to get Target to respond. Target spokesperson Joshua Taylor told Refinery 29:

“We never want our guests to feel disappointed, and if we’ve let them down, we apologize. We appreciate the opportunity to hear directly from our guests. We’ll take this feedback into consideration as we move forward. In the meantime, we offer a variety of plus options. We’ll also be introducing a new plus line in the near future that features a focus on the latest styles, all at great prices.”

I mean, it’s a start, but we need to see more action and less talk, Target. We’re excited to hear that a plus-size line is in the works. It’s going to mean a ton to an important female shopping demographic that deserves to be treated with respect. So let’s make this happen.

And as for Garner, she proved that one woman’s voice can have a major impact. Talk about inspiring.

(Image via GarnerStyle)

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