We’re totally loving this groundbreaking new fitness magazine for plus-size women

Many plus-size women are active, fit, and health-conscious, but they’ve been consistently ignored by the fitness media because they don’t meet a set of superficial standards (AKA rock hard abs, tiny waist, and a generous thigh gap). The truth? Healthy, active people come in ~all~ shapes and sizes. And now, there’s finally a fitness magazine dedicated to portraying plus-size women in the positive light they deserve.

It’s called FabUplus, and it was started by a Vancouver-based runner named Shannon Svingen-Jones.

After running 14 miles a week for two years but never dropping any weight from her 250-pound frame, Svingen-Jones made an appointment with her doctor to discuss weight loss surgery. To her surprise, after conducting a series of tests, her doctor said she wasn’t a good candidate for the surgery because she was perfectly healthy.

On the FabUplus website, Svingen-Jones describes her reaction to the news and how it led to the launch of her magazine:


Svingen-Jones wanted to portray plus-size women leading full, active lives, and take the focus off dieting and weight loss. “It’s about living the best life now in the body you have,” Svingen-Jones said in a recent interview with the Vancouver Sun. Now that’s a healthy outlook.

FabUplus is available as a digital download and in print at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. More body diversity in the media is ALWAYS a good thing, and we’re rooting for this new magazine to become a staple on newsstands everywhere — and change some outdated perceptions in the process.

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