This plus-sized lifeguard is proud to show off her swimsuit curves

Our latest life inspiration is plus-size lifeguard Courtney Harrough. Let us tell you why.

We’ve all had that horrible moment when someone told us we couldn’t do something. Sometimes it has to do with timing. Other times, we’re just not qualified. Then there are the times when it is something we know is wrong. That’s when we’ve got to dig our heels in and fight for what we know we can do.

That’s why we’re super into Florida native Courtney Harrough and her story.

According to an interview with Refinery 29Harrough swam competitively and played water polo throughout high school before becoming a lifeguard.

Despite her talents, many people were quick to discount her abilities as a lifeguard because of her size.

Harrough once had someone her same height but a smaller size tell her that she found it “hard to believe” that she swam competitively. Harrough simply responded this way:

"I think what's cool about the human body is it takes different shapes and forms, and is capable of different things. Your background is freestyle, so you need to be lean and long. Mine is water polo, so it helps being hefty and strong. We've manifested strength in different ways; you're more streamlined, and mine is more outward."

This is seriously the perfect response!

Not only did Harrough not stoop to the hater’s level, but she gave a smart and accurate response. We only wish that we could be that cool and collected when up against a naysayer. This was unfortunately not the last time Harrough came up against someone who doubted her abilities. Even though she passed lifeguard training with flying colors, the program she trained with didn’t want to give her a job.

Because they didn’t have a uniform suit that fit her!

Luckily, Harrough shut that down pretty quickly by pointing out that clearly, they didn’t have any problems with her abilities during training. If they thought she was unqualified, they could have cut her any point before she accepted the position. In short, the suit should fit the person, the person shouldn’t fit the suit. So instead, Harrough got her own swimsuit, and kept her job.

Harrough sums up the reality of saving lives poolside beautifully.

"Nobody cares what you look like when they're near death and just want to be saved. You don't have to have your boobs perky or your cellulite hidden — all they care about is if you can swim and whether you have their back."

We cannot agree more! We feel so much safer knowing that she is out there being amazing and saving lives.

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