This plus-size jewelry line has truly gorgeous pieces for bodies of all sizes

When it comes to accommodating apparel for people of all sizes, the buck usually stops at plus-size clothing. However, thanks to a new line of plus-size jewelry from Universal Standard, that’s about to change.

The direct-to-consumer brand, which carries closing sizes in US 10 to 28, is adding a jewelry line meant to fit — and look good on — women who wear plus-sized clothes. Specifically, co-founder and CCO Alexandra Waldman told Glamour that the decision to launch a plus-size jewelry line came from her own experience as a shopper.

"I know from personal experience that finding beautiful modern pieces of jewelry that fit and look native to my body type is nearly impossible," she said. "Even longer necklaces don’t fall in the right spot on the front of the body—everything tends to look clipped, cheap, or semi-disposable," she adds. "I’m a grown woman—I don’t want to wear an adjustable ring that I have to squeeze together around my finger."

Waldman’s identity as a “grown woman” also plays into the line’s aesthetic: classy, minimal, clean, but “full of subtle drama.”

Pieces in the limited-edition collection include rings, earrings, bracelets, as well as a necklace and choker.

The best part? Prices cap at $70, keeping items affordable for customers who want them.

"We set out to make beautiful, affordable pieces for women who have gone without them for far too long," Waldman said. "We don’t try to be everything to everyone — that’s not possible. We stay true to our aesthetic and quality principles. That’s really how this capsule came about… We thought these kinds of pieces needed to be available."

We need more of this.

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