These plus-size fashion bloggers have bangin’ aesthetics and must-read blogs

Some people have the misconception that plus-size fashion blogs are a niche market; that they could only ever appeal to plus-size fashion-lovers. But the truth is, no matter what size you are, it’s great to add some diversity to the fashion media you consume. Plus-size bloggers are, fundamentally, bloggers and the content they create is amazing in its own right and appealing to people of all shapes and sizes, just like fashion itself is appealing to people of all shapes and sizes. These ladies are rockin’!

For those of us a size 14 or larger, fashion used to be pretty much relegated to whatever you could figure out would fit if you stretched it weird, droopy bag dresses, and men’s sections.

Now, however, there are a growing number of plus-size brands and plus-size visibility in general in the fashion world, led by some seriously cool plus-size fashion bloggers. Some of them have even started their own clothing lines!

It’s so cool that there are so many different voices and styles in the plus-size space now. They aren’t just for plus-size readers, either — these ladies are fashion-forward and beautiful and give great tips on styling that anybody could use. Here’s some of my recent faves.

Allison Teng

Allison usually rocks a girly, dress-heavy aesthetic, and features pieces that are pretty affordable, too. That hair ombré is out of this world.

Franceta Johnson

Franceta is intimidatingly cool in the best way. She specializes in monochromatic / grayscale looks, with lots of leather, sportswear, pants, and attitude. Confession: I use her modeling poses now when I’m in pictures. IT WORKS.

Tiffany Tucker

Tiffany seems like she listens to the BEST records and has the coolest art journal you’ll never see. Her lipstick use is sensational.

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette describes herself as a “Cher Horowitz/Wednesday Addams hybrid.” Um, yes please. Check out her blog for lots of color, every-day looks, fun make-up tutorials, and extra-cute pics of Nicolette with her wife!


Ragini wears what I can only describe as fairy-tale-garden chic. Going to a music festival? Hit up her blog for some serious inspiration.

Gabi Gregg

Gabi is a “body-positive feminist” and wears lots of easy, cool, everyday looks. She’s currently one of the faces of Target’s new plus-size line, and has designed a swimsuit line, too. Her boyfriend sometimes sneaks in to her Instagram, too!

There are a ton more plus-size fashion bloggers out there — there’s just as many kinds of blogs as there are kinds of girls! See which ones you connect with most and which looks you want to try. It’s fun and rewarding to follow them and see how they work lots of different kinds of looks. And it’s pretty inspiring, too.

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