These TikToks Prove That Plus-Size People Can Wear Celebrity Looks, Too

They're reminders that the celebrity styles we all love can look good on curvy figures, too. 

Growing up, I did something that’s probably the equivalent of scrolling through Instagram—I’d flip through magazines, dog-earing the pages with my favorite celebrity outfits and shopping suggestions. I’d mentally piece together outfits, imagining gorgeous silhouettes, patterns, and accessories coming together. I’d do this all while imagining my body as something different—as something more similar to those I saw in magazines. I was convinced that those celebrity outfits were only for the stars, and in those days (and still now), celebrities simply didn’t have measurements that resembled mine. 

Instead of using those images as outfit inspiration, I used them as inspiration for how I’d become thinner. If I couldn’t wear those outfits on my 12-year-old body, then I’d push myself to get there. I told myself that one day I’d be worthy of wearing a short skirt, a bodycon dress, or a pair of heels that would make me tower over a crowd.

When I was thinner, those outfits would be my reward.

As I got older, I grew out of this mindset, discovering body positivity, the world of plus-size fashion, and radical self-acceptance. Now, at 27, I’m more confident than ever, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy or that I don’t have days where I fool myself into thinking a certain trend or outfit is only for people who wear a certain clothing size. When I do have these moments, though, one of my favorite things to do is find outfit inspiration from people who aren’t a size zero. 

Kristina Zias and Raeann Langas are models, podcasters, and influencers. They’re also two of the people I look to most often for inspiration when it comes to style. The voices behind the body-positive podcast The Confident Collective, Zias and Langas both create style content that’s inspiring, trendy, and all the proof you’ll ever need that celebrity style looks good on more body types than just one.

Their celebrity style recreation TikToks in particular are a pertinent reminder that those off-duty model and celebrity styles we all love can look good on curvy figures, too. 

Take this TikTok video of Raeann recreating a look from model Elsa Hosk, or this one of Kristina recreating a Taylor Swift outfit. These videos are fun and playful, of course, but they are also a good reminder that we often put ourselves in more style boxes than we realize—and that everyone gets to experiment with fashion, regardless of whether they’re a size 0 or a 12 or 14 or larger.

Langas and Zias may be in the 12-14 range (which is considered mid-size, or the small end of plus-size), but whether they’re recreating a look from Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, or Selena Gomez, they look good. They inspire me to fill my social media feeds with people who have bodies like mine and all kinds of other bodies, too.

I love to think that teenagers today are spending their days consuming content like this and feel inspired to experiment with style—that they’re seeing style as something inspirational, instead of thinness. 

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