Apparently “plogging” is the newest exercise trend, and we might actually be willing to try this

There’s a new fitness trend that’s making its way around the country, and it’s really a must-know. It’s called “plogging,” it originated in Sweden, and it’s actually really easy to do. The best part of all, it benefits both you and the environment.

Now what exactly is plogging?

It’s not a crazy combination of exercises that are impossible to do. According to Cosmopolitan, plogging is a Scandinavian workout trend that pretty much involves picking up trash while jogging. In Swedish, “plocka upp” translates to picking up, so you combine that with “jogging” and you get “plogging.” Simple enough.

Although the trend is pretty new in the United States, the BBC reported that the first mention of the trend was on Instagram back in 2016. Ever since then, plogging groups have been popping up all over the world, such as Plogging Paris in France.

Just last month, Keep America Beautiful, an organization whose mission is to keep the environment beautiful and clean, partnered with health app Lifesum to support the fitness trend.

As Mike Rosen, senior VP of marketing and communications at Keep America Beautiful, said in a statement,

"Plogging is brilliant because it is simple and fun, while empowering everyone to help create cleaner, greener, and more beautiful communities. All you need is running gear and a bag for trash or recyclables, and you are not only improving your own health, but your local community, too."

People all over the world are posting their plogging pics on Instagram.

Jogging and picking up trash as you go doesn’t seem that hard. But as one Men’s Health writer who actually tried plogging wrote, it’s a “good idea in theory” but comes up against “logistical issues.”

For instance, if you’re living in a big urban area, like New York City, you’re going to come across a piece of trash pretty much everywhere you go. Stopping to pick up every piece of garbage can be challenging and kind of annoying if you’re someone who likes to just get lost in your jog. In this instance, plogging can seem more like a chore.

But if you’re in a suburban area where there’s a lot less trash around, stopping to plog every now and then can make your workout pretty fun. So where you live can be a factor in determining whether or not plogging is something you can find enjoyable.

According to Lifesum, if you plog for just 30 minutes, you’ll burn about 288 calories. So overall, it’s a pretty great workout option if you’re looking to do some good for yourself and the world.