One of the best “Pretty Little Liars” villains is returning for Season 7

If you’re a diehard Pretty Little Liars fanthen odds are June 21 is marked on your calendar with a big, fat, red, ‘A.’ That’s when Season 7 begins, and fresh off the Variety presses one of our very favorite PLL villains will be returning to Rosewood: Noel Kahn.

Brant Daugherty, who plays Noel, confirmed the news with an Insta caption that we are SO on board with: “THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

He also posted this on Twitter, and we hope he means an actual storm because a stormy, Noel Kahn-y episode would be sensational. false

Hawk-eyed fans on Twitter also noticed that Marlene King’s photo from a recent PLL table read featured a Noel Kahn placard. false

A source close to Variety said of the character’s reprisal, “We still don’t know whether or not he’s good or bad, trustworthy or not.” Noel is such a good bad guy we’re kind of hoping he’s bad. We’re also hoping that Noel Kahn’s cabin is a location they bring back.


When last we saw Noel he was on the outs with the Liars. He was working with Ali (who he knew was alive), Spencer attacked him at her lake house, and then she blackmailed him with incriminating photos. Noel also has romantic history with a lot of the gals — Jenna, Aria, and Mona. Lotsa potential here!

Keep in mind, this will be the first time we’ve seen Noel since the five-year jump. What is grown up Noel doing? Is he as successful as Lucas? Is he returning to Rosewood for good?

King also gave a clue that more familiar faces would be returning. “There’s a lot of great people coming back,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re calling it our season of homecomings, and there are a lot of old faces that are going to feel like new faces when we see them again this year.”

Oh Season 7, you are filled with magical mystery.