Everything we’re thinking as we gear up for tonight’s ‘PLL’ return

As ABC Family rebrands itself as Freeform today, Pretty Little Liars is looking to do the same thing. After the reveal of A, what is even left to do? Why, jump into the future, of course, and give the Liars something brand new to worry about.

Like you even need reminding — because more than likely the Big A reveal has kept you up at night and also caused you a little bit of agony if not a lot of agony  — it was revealed that the one and only CeCe Drake was behind all the black hoodies and text messages (and also a few dead bodies). It was a lot to process back when it happened, and months later, it’s still a lot. There are a thousand and a half unanswered questions about the how and the why of it all, and now add on top of that, a five-year time jump!

When the show picks back up, the Liars have been there, done that with college and are all charting different paths through life. If you thought you had a lot of questions pre-Big A reveal, just wait until the questions start pouring in for the post-Big A reveal. This is the PLL world we’re living in now, and just some of the bazillion things racing through our minds ahead of the premiere.

1. CeCe is still A….. right?

2. Will the show smooth over the fact that they really upset and angered some fans with its portrayal of a transgender woman? Because that should be like, the first thing they do, 30 seconds into the episode.

3. How can any of them even stand to deal with Charlotte, knowing what she did to them?

4. Where is Charlotte now? Radley has closed.

5. Who had the bright idea to knock down Radley Sanitarium and turn it into a hotel with a classy bar in the lobby?

6. Is it weird to suggest that I would totally spend a night in the newly revamped Radley hotel, and also I hope that it’s semi-haunted? That would be awesome, actually.

7. It’s been revealed that Caleb and Hanna broke up, and like WHY?


9. Did Spencer have straight A’s all through college, graduating summa cum laude?

10. How did Aria managed to get a pretty awesome job as an assistant editor at a publishing house right out of college?

11. Even with some fancy fashion internships, how did Hanna manage to land a spiffy job in fashion?

12. Why is PLL giving us totally unrealistic expectations about jobs you can secure right out of college?

13. Is Ezra’s book another true crime book, this time based loosely off of seasons 2-5.5 of PLL?

14. What’s up with Emily and what are her “secrets?”

15. Will we see the return of Paige, or Lucas, or Grunwald?

16. Does anyone speak of Ravenswood anymore?

17. Is the threat of Uber A still out there?

18. When exactly will Wren return?

19. Is there still hope for him to be Ultimate Uber A?

20. (Because we’re all in agreement that he was A and then something happened during the 11th hour and he wasn’t A and that’s why the big reveal of CeCe felt so “meh?”)

21. (#WrenIsUberA)

22. And Melissa! When can we expect her back? She is the best, because she is the MOST sassy Hastings.

23. That new promo image is pretty cool. But who’s in the coffin they’re carrying?

24. How do you think Ali feels now that she’s officially a ~Liar~ and gets to hang out in all the posters with everyone else?

25. What subject/grade does Ali teach at school?

26. Might this be the half season where no one is presumed dead, let alone really dies?

27. Why did A never catch on to Snapchat, and might this new threat do so?

28. Still thinking about Haleb. Sad face.

(Image via Freeform)