27 ‘PLL’ outfits that would never work for high school IRL

Pretty Little Liars might be the most fashionable show on TV right now. If you’re not familiar with the hit series, here’s what goes down: Four beautiful high school girls are trying to solve the mystery of a cyber stalker gone rogue while still figuring out normal teenager stuff, like relationships, hair accessories, and how to pass English without reading all of The Scarlet Letter. The show’s costume designer, Mandi Line, heightens the drama by dressing the Liars in absolutely incredible outfits. Between Aria’s feather earrings and Spencer’s trench coats, the fashion is seriously to die for. Each episode serves up a heaping plate of closet inspiration.

However, sometimes it’s silly to imagine what it would be like if teenage girls wore these elaborate get-ups to a real high school, rather than their fictional one. At the very least, it would be extremely hard to do a quick change for P.E.

Here are 27 (out of infinity) amazing PLL outfits that would be really hard to wear to high school in real life:

1. Aria’s little black dress … and heels.
If I tried to pull off this ensemble, I would fall and break my face before I even get to first period.

2. Everything about this.
Emily’s studded loafers, Hanna’s studded jacket, Aria’s studded skull bag, and the fact that Mona’s nails match her ruffled collar, bracelets, and earrings = impossibly put together.

3. Spencer’s head, shoulders (knees and toes).
Usually hats are for hiding bed-head, not spending AP English class looking like a 20’s cover girl. Also, LOL that it’s the middle of the school year, and Spence is on page one of her notebook.

4. Hanna’s accessories.
And by accessories, I mean necklaces, bracelets, and this before-school coffee. No one has time to perfectly coordinate their jewellery and stop by The Brew for java without being late for homeroom.

5. Aria’s super dress.
Covered in comic strips, this li’l number is adorable! Check out those statement sleeves. But let’s be real: Sitting at a desk in that itty bitty dress all day would be torture. It might be comfier if she popped on a nice pair of sweatpants.

6. Nope.
Maybe if their high school was located in the 1800’s.

7. Seriously, Spencer?
The side-braid, sure. The button-up, maybe. Those nude heels surviving the halls of high school without scuff marks? Absolutely not.

8. Hope you brought a Tide pen, Hanna.
Those white jeans are begging for a spaghetti sauce disaster.

9. Casual school fundraiser.
And/or the Emmy Awards.

10. Detention rompers.
Wearing any kind of onesie at school means you need half an hour for every bathroom break.

11. Arrrr-ia.
Miss Montgomery rocks stripes on the regular, but this mixed pattern pirate homage would only be found at Rosewood High School.

12. How?
The fringe on Spencer’s Clueless skirt, Aria’s skull rings to go with her skull shirt and (uh, leather?) skirt, Hanna’s super curly extensions, and Emily’s edgy, sliced up sweater — it’s all too good to be true.

13. I mean, I’d love to look like this on a school day …
Or any day at all, ever.

14. Good, better, vest.
Emily’s clothes are fabulously layered: cute tank, cute vest, cute cuff, cute necklaces — who has time to think up all these amazing layers?

15. Prints and stripes and pleats, oh my!
Tbh, maybe Aria’s skirt could work in real life during homecoming week when everyone at school dresses to whacky themes.

16. BRB, going to physics.
So I can figure out the science behind these glorious (but definitely not school-ready) looks.

17. Hanna, you’re not fooling anyone.
We know you can’t fit books in that purse.

18. One of these boots is not like the others.
I spy with my little eye sneaky leopard print, polka dots, plaid, stripes, a heavyweight championship belt, bright blue pants, a cut-out collar, and the brightest, tallest, reddest boots you could ever imagine, much less walk in.

19. First pLACE.
Hanna looks like she could be guest-starring as a villain on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which, admittedly, was also set in high school.

20. Lunch special.
On the menu at Rosewood High: sequined jacket, white blazer, gold-foiled sweater, and three pairs of perfect smokey eyes.

21. Ummm …
Here comes the bride unrealistic expectations.

22. So close.
That blouse could almost work IRL, but that headband belongs at New York Fashion Week.

23. It’s a tie.
No, seriously. That skirt is made out of ties. It’s so amazing that it’s easy to miss that Aria is also wearing knee socks, like nbd.

24. Friday night.
This isn’t even prom!

25. Squad goals.
Only Spencer could pair a bandana with a star-studded sweater without looking like the puppies on Old Navy 4th of July shirts, and Hanna’s black lowlights are super sassy. Alison’s blazer is a work of art, but would probably get in the way during long in-class essays. Emily and Aria’s outfits are surprisingly normal and could pass IRL. Now if only I could get my hair to do that woosh thing.

26. Laundry day.
All of Aria’s clothes must be in the wash, because she wore her Halloween costume to school. JK, this flapper dress is one of her tamer looks.

27. Fly like a bird.
Hanna’s wearing more feathers than Tippi, and she’s giving off a Cruella de Ville vibe. Love it, but this would be shedding all over my school supplies.

Of course, it’s important to remember why the Liars’s fashion is always on fleek …

They live inside a T.V. show.

And I’ll just have to accept that on most days, I look less Rosewood High and more … Radley Sanitarium.

But, hey. IRL, that’s A-okay.

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