Haleb might be over and other reasons the new ‘PLL’ trailer is giving us feels

I know, I know. Pretty Little Liars won’t be returning to torture us television until mid-January, but getting consumed by obsessive amateur detective-work is the very nature of being a tried and true PLL fan. Thanks to the much-anticipated five-year time jump, it feels a little bit like season 6B will be the start an entirely new game, with all of our favorite players, of course.

ICYMI, the first four minutes of episode eleven were aired at New York Comic Con, and every second felt unnervingly revealing. We got a glimpse into what each of the Liars has been up to – Aria wrote a book, Hanna wants a baby, Emily works at a bar, and Spencer got a haircut, but still has a penchant for trench coats – and also were finally told why the girls are returning to Rosewood. Charlotte (AKA CeCe Drake, AKA Charles DiLaurentis, AKA A!) is facing a hearing about her past digressions, and Alison pleads for her friends to testify in her favor. Compared to the way season six started – in a demented dollhouse – these four minutes felt relatively chill.

Except then a second promo for season 6B hit YouTube, and it’s apparent that the next ten episodes will be anything but chill. The girls are getting threatening texts again. Ezra grew a beard and is screaming like a bearded madman. Aria is having flashbacks to her Dollhouse torture.

And Hanna is kissing … someone who is definitely not Caleb.

In fact, Caleb is only seen talking to Spencer and presumably whoever is responsible for those evil text messages.

Caleb, come back! I have so many questions!

In other ‘ship news, Rosewood’s resident hygiene police, Sara “Shower” Harvey is back, glaring at Emily from across the street. Hopefully, this angry eye contact means the romance between Em and Black Veil is over. But why is Sara still hanging around town? If Charlotte is on trial, does that mean Sara isn’t? Or did she already serve her time?

Looks like she traded her red coat in for a leather jacket. This does not change the fact that she got a lower-back tattoo of Tippy the Bird. Never forget.

The video also reveals that Spoby is alive and well, though perhaps not in the romantic sense. At least Spencer and Toby aren’t sneaking around, getting caught on shady security footage like Ezra and Aria.

Even though in the past, PLL creator I. Marlene King has warned fans not to only focus on the show’s relationships, it’s really hard not to get caught up in guessing and obsessing. In an interview with Alloy, she recently reminded us about the show’s most important relationships: the ones between the Liars.

Ok, lesson learned! I’ll try to remember that this show is about friendship. But, like also …

Watch the full promo here.

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