This ‘PLL’ fan figured out who A was before all of us

I’ll be honest: I was one of those people who thought we were never going to find out who “A” was and that Pretty Little Liars was just going to go on forever and ever and ever without an answer. But the writers of the show surprised us all (or at least skeptics like me) at the end of last season by revealing the identity of villain who has been terrorizing Rosewood for the past five years. For those who haven’t caught up, beware: There are major spoilers ahead!

I. Marlene King, the mastermind behind the show, posted on Instagram saying that PLL fan @nicksawaboy had guessed that the character CeCe Drake was “A” long before the reveal. She had seen him speculating on social media, and he had been so spot on that she wouldn’t even respond to his posts in fear of giving it all away. But now, she can give him the hearty congratulations he deserves.

Now, there’s a whole Reddit thread dedicated to his discovery. Many theories were, and still are, floating around about the fate of the show, especially with the five-year time jump coming up in season 6B. We’re still left with unanswered questions. What about the twin theory? Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis? What’s up with Aria, and why do we still get a suspicious vibe from her?

Just because “A” has been revealed doesn’t mean the show is done keeping us on the edges of our seats. Resolving the “A” plot only paves the way for new mysteries, and when the show comes back in early 2016, you can bet we’ll be just as hooked.

(Image via ABC Family and Instagram)

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