Here’s what’s been going on with Ali and Charlotte during ‘PLL’s 5-year jump

The five-year time jump on Pretty Little Liars means that a lot of things are going to change. The Liars have been through college, they’ve grown up, and now they’re starting brand new lives away from A. But it’s not going to be easy for all of them to simply leave that A chapter of their lives behind. It’s going to be especially rocky for Alison, seeing as how A turned out to be her own sister, Charlotte. Five years in the future, what exactly is going on between them, now that some time has passed?

Knowing what we know about Ali and Charlotte’s past — like, the lies, torture, kidnapping, etc. — you’d kinda expect the two of them to have a pretty fractured relationship from here on out. Five years is a long time, but is it a long enough to truly get over all that A insanity? According to Ali herself, Sasha Pieterse, it is. Color us surprised.

Talking about Ali and Charlotte’s relationship, Pieterse explained to People, “It’s good and it’s healthy.” When Season 6B opens, Charlotte is actually up for release (from prison? From the new-Radley? It’s hard to tell), and that’s what brings everyone back to Rosewood in the first place. Pieterse shares that “Charlotte’s gotten a lot better,” and Ali thinks she’s ready to be a normal citizen again.

If this is shocking to anyone, maybe it shouldn’t be; it was kinda hinted at in the Season 6A finale. Charlotte is ready to completely give up and jump off the Radley roof, when she’s stopped. By what? Ali yells out, “CHARLOTTE!” and she means it. It’s probably the first time Charlotte has heard her name called with such love and caring in a long time. She gets off the roof, and is quickly taken away by the police, but clearly the sisters’ foundation for forgiveness is there. Ali isn’t harboring bad feelings, as long as, you know, Charlotte stops kidnapping and torturing everyone.

Excited to see exactly what this relationship looks like when Charlotte gets “better?” We don’t even have to wait that long! Pretty Little Liars returns on January 12, 2016 on ABC Family Freeform.

(Image via ABC Family.)