Please don’t put these wasp nests in your vagina, no matter what you read

Attention everyone with a vagina, we have a very special announcement for you. No matter what you read or hear about it, do not put wasp nets in your vagina. Seriously, why anyone would put anything named “wasp” in their vaginal canal is beyond us, but we all do weird things in the name of self care — just don’t let this be one of them. Apparently, there’s a rumor going around about the medicinal properties of the wasp nets to help you tighten your vagina.

The concept is simple: You take the tiny balls that the wasps used to deposit larvae and shove it up there.

It’s supposed to work much the same way those jade eggs are supposed to work. But both wasp nets and jade eggs are not good for your hoo-ha.

The jade eggs aren’t good for you because seriously, there is no such thing as replenishing your “feminine energy,” we’re sorry, although it does sound nice. The jade eggs are also porous and could give you an infection. On the other side of things, wasp nets are a little rough around the edges. If you pop one up inside your body, according to Dr. Jennifer Gunter, the voice of reason when it comes to these often dangerous trends, you can really hurt yourself.

Wasp nets are abrasive and will likely leave a mark. If you don’t mind the pain, that’s one thing. But if you have an open wound in your vagina, you’re more likely to get STIs, especially HIV. The wasp nets will also apparently kill your vagina’s good bacteria, and we all know how important those are for keeping your vagina itch and infection free. There could also still be larvae inside the bark ball — and that’s just creepy AF.

In addition to sticking the whole thing up there, there are other recommended uses. Like grinding them up, which takes care of the abrasive thing, but, the Etsy seller write, “stings due to gall’s astringency.“Ouch!

So just use your common sense when it comes to wasp nets. Your vagina is likely just perfect as it is already. And kegels don’t sting or cut you.