Playlist of the Week: Songs for the shower pop star in all of us

In another world, I am a pop sensation. Maybe I lead a double life like Hannah Montana, or maybe I’m a full time queen like Beyoncé, either way I have the pipes to pull it off. In this world, however, I have no rhythm and I can’t sing, like, at all. I can’t even clap to a beat. It’s embarrassing and bizarre.

Somehow I managed to get into a middle school chorus class, which I will argue is the greatest unsolved mystery of our time. Despite my complete lack of talent, I love music and I love singing my heart out.

No one sings into a hairbrush more than I do, trust me. Since I don’t have a car, or a thriving career as a pop star, my singing opportunities are limited to the shower. It’s not my ideal stage of course (I’ve got my eyes set on Madison Square Garden, duh) but it will have to do for now.

I think we all know that some songs work perfectly for a bathroom stage, and some songs well, don’t. I gathered up twelve of the very best so get ready to sing along to HelloGiggles: Shower Songs!

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