This playlist without words is instrumental to have

Welcome to This Week’s Playlist, where we look to current events for some melodic curation inspiration. Tune in every Friday for a mix of news, commentary, and of course, music.

As much as I write about music, the truth is that it can sometimes be really, really difficult to actually do anything else while listening to music, writing included. Sometimes, it’s specifically because I’m trying to put words to paper (or rather, WordPress) that any interruptions from the outside world, even half-garbled lyrics, will prove to be the nail in my writing coffin.

For many of you, this is the case as well — as much as music is a remedy, a salve, a means of motivation (there’s a reason why work out playlists, well, work out), sometimes you just need to put on something to take up sonic space in the background while you get down to business. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up ten very different, all instrumental tunes to get into that headspace — just don’t blame us if you still start jamming to them.

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