All your favorite TV theme songs on one playlist. Because obviously.

Look, we all love television. It’s a quality that practically defines our generation. Some (cough, me) love it more than others. I mean, if I had the option to live inside of a TV I would obviously say no because that would be uncomfortable, but if I had the option to live inside a TV show, well, duh: I’d say yes in a heartbeat.

The only thing that might be slightly better than TV shows is the theme songs of said TV shows. Ranging from truly creepy (American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars) to just plain fun (How I Met Your Mother, Hannah Montana, no judgment here), TV themes are kind of the best.

Below, I gathered eleven of TV’s best themes for this week’s playlist and (surprise!) this is also a COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST, which (I think) means you, the readers, can add songs to it through Spotify. So, well, do it. Add your favorite TV themes and let’s create a killer roundup of television’s greatest songs together!

HelloGiggles: TV Theme Songs

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