Playlist of the Week: Summer Music!

It is finally summer! Hooray hooray! Drink all the iced coffee! Post all the instagrams of the beach! Wear all the sunscreen! Fear all the cicadas! As I was sweating on my walk to work this week, wondering what I would do if a cicada flew into my hair (I would scream and scream until a brave stranger helped me) I thought “Wow I really need a summer playlist” and then I remembered that I have the power make one. So I put together these twelve songs and I hope you like them! HelloGiggles: Summer

U.S. Royalty – Equestrian
NewVillager – Lighthouse
Bad Books – Forest Whitaker
Gold Motel – Safe In L.A.
Air Traffic Controller – You Know Me
Quiet Company – You, Me, & the Boatman (Truth Is, I’ve Been Thirsty My Whole Life)
Jukebox The Ghost – Somebody
Wild Child – Pillow Talk
The Postelles – White Night
The Lighthouse And The Whaler – Venice
River City Extension – Our New Intelligence
The Last Royals – Crystal Vases Subscribe and send me your favorite tracks! Featured image via ShutterStock.

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