Playlist of the Week: Spring Cleaning!

I’m writing this week’s playlist from the back corner of a Starbucks in Midtown. I’m drinking iced coffee from a cup with my “name” written on it (today Starbucks called me Kumin, instead of Corinne) while a child (who should be in school?) is riding his razor scooter around the entire store.

I wish I was writing it from the comfort of my bed and I wish I wearing my pajamas and I wish I was blasting this playlist from through my speakers instead of through these old and graying headphones but I am in fact in public.

The reason I am here instead of there is because my room is a pigsty, It has become so cluttered and out of hand that a family of pigs could live there and they would have a blast. I think if I returned home right now, I would not be surprised find a few pigs hiding under the clothes. They would be having a pizza party and playing a game of cards while sitting on a pile of my loose socks, half-read books, and unfinished essays.

I can’t promise that as soon as I finish this coffee and catch up on Psych and then finish this new book I will clean my room. But I can promise that when I do, I will listen to this playlist and you should too.

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HelloGiggles: Spring Cleaning

Little Green Cars – The John Wayne
Dillon – Hey Beau
Hudson Taylor – Battles
Effi – Happy
Cub Scouts – Told You So
Art of Sleeping – Breathe
Luke Sital-Singh – Fail for You
Thao – Holy Roller
Gossling – Wild Love
Stornoway – The Ones We Hurt the Most
Ornette – Crazy
Among Savages – New York City

Featured image via ShutterStock.