Playlist of the Week: Beat the Heat

It has been super hot in New York this week and I’ve hated every single moment of it. I just want it to be autumn again so I can wear a scarf and wish it was still summer. How nice would that be? Cool and breezy with a light jacket. Maybe I’m just craving that Back to School feeling but now I’m really looking forward to September.

If you’re like me and have a hot and stuffy bedroom right now then first, I am sorry and second, I know this playlist won’t literally cool you down but I hope it helps a little bit!

HelloGiggles: Beat the Heat

Lorde – The Love Club
Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
Matt and Kim – Let’s Go
City and Colour – The Lonely Life
Coconut Records – The Summer
The Submarines – Shoelaces
Tilly And The Wall – Rainbows in the Dark
Portugal. The Man – Purple Yellow Red and Blue
Azure Ray – Sleep
Churchill – Change
Daughter – Still
Tegan And Sara – Drove Me Wild

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