A playlist for getting out of the dumps of being dumped

Being dumped sucks. Whether you’re 17 or 71, nothing hurts more than someone telling you they don’t want to be with you anymore. It seems like the dumper rides off into the sunset unscathed, and the dumpee gets left to put themselves back together.

The blues will come and get you, and it’s hard to keep them at bay without your friends or family holding your hand every step of the way. That’s (possibly) why music was made, to get you up and dancing around and forgetting about your ex, and maybe moving on a bit quicker.

Here is a playlist of songs to help you get over anybody. From the first moments of the breakup to finally moving on, sadness to anger to eventually, acceptance and happiness, these songs will move both your emotions and yourself.

“Linger” — The Cranberries

There’s nothing like some angsty ’90s rock to relate to. This song is about still loving someone who has clearly moved on, and for when you feel impossibly used. Sometimes people aren’t very nice, and this song is for those people who knew how much you liked them and used it against you. When you want to have a bit of a wallow and sing while sobbing, this song is perfect for you. Even though you may still love them, and it’ll take some time, you’ll be happier for being on your own.

“Dancing On My Own” — Robyn

Even though you may tell yourself you’re over them, when they go out and get another partner, it is the pits. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed or how much of a jerk they were to you, when you see them with someone else, it cuts deep. So heres’ a song for a dance party of one, where you can go home early from wherever you saw them together and just get it all out. You may feel invisible to them, and like they totally disregard you, but once you shake it off and accept it, you’ll feel a lot better about it.

“High And Dry” — Radiohead

So maybe your partner is trying to be something they’re not, and left you to join a social circle or clique they have changed to fit into. Anytime someone changes can be hard, especially if they feel like you’re weighing them down or getting in their way. Getting left behind is a horrible feeling, and one clearly expressed in this song. Fame and popularity can get to someone’s head, and if they are your significant other, it can be hard to get over the feeling of abandonment or stop yourself feeling scared of them leaving you. With all that said, listen to Thom and let all that go.

“Broken Heart” — Spiritualized

A wrenching song about how when your heart is broken, you may try and cover it up and keep yourself busy. You put on a brave face, and people may think you’re okay for a while. But in the long run, this doesn’t work, so let yourself break down and acknowledge that you’re hurting and let others help you pick yourself up. The largely instrumental song makes you feel like you’re in a movie and reliving the moment, but allow yourself to be taken away.

“Sweetest Kill” — Broken Social Scene

An absolutely beautiful song to listen to while you lie in bed. It’s hard to navigate this world, and another person you love can make it easier. But when they leave you, you can feel empty or abandoned. The best way to get over this is to rely on friends and family rather than finding another romance. Even though it may feel like you need someone in that way, perhaps it is best to be a bit lonesome for a while.

“Lonesome Tears” — Beck

This tune is for the day you look at yourself in the mirror and vow to stop feeling this way. Even though it probably was a long road to go down, it’s come to an end. Although you may still be bitter about it, it’s definitely time to move on. Love is ultimately unfair, but crying won’t help anyone get anywhere, so pick yourself up and dust yourself off. With dreamy but resolute lyrics, this song will have you up and getting over your ex.

“Best Thing I Never Had” — Beyoncé

Theres something about Queen B that makes you wanna dance and forget. For the partner that you now know was no good for you, or didn’t deserve you in the first place. So turn the situation around and think about how unlucky your ex is to have left you, because (I’m sure) you’re amazing and you should project that into the world. Be strong and be the one that got away, even if it seems like the opposite.

“Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” — Stars

Even after all the tears and hurt, your ex is still an important person to you, no matter what. Whether you loved them or even just really liked them, you’ll always remember them and take the good with the bad. This song captures the awkwardness you’ll experience when you see them again but also shows that you can’t regret the time you spent together, no matter how much hurt they caused. A song best listened to when you want to reflect on the relationship and when you have the silent closure you both needed.

“Closer” — Tegan and Sara

The most important thing to remember is that you’re young, and there’ll always be another person after this one. So if you’ve moved on, and if you feel up to it, grab another person and make out like there’s no tomorrow to this song. It’s dancy and happy, and there’s absolutely no way you’ll be thinking about the one that came before, after listening to this. It’s all about new beginnings and new connections, and now you can start the cycle all over again or grab someone just for the night.

Ella McEwan can’t walk past a candle without smelling it. Hailing from the temperamental shores of Melbourne, she’s an aspiring writer who loves to dance, sing and is programmed to spot bargains. Hobbies include watching Dr. Phil, long baths, listening to new music and reading. She admires her parents and David Bowie for all being rockin’ people, and for both putting great tunes into the world. You can find her here.

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