And now, a playlist that’ll help you bust out of your creative rut

Despite popular belief, being creative is not all fun and games. Of course there are days when creating art/writing/you name it comes easily and you’re happier than ever, but there are also days when it’s incredibly difficult and you just want to pull all your hair out.

I’m currently suffering from writer’s block and it feels never-ending. When will the words come easily again? Do I even like writing? Is all this stress getting to me? Clearly it is, because I can’t stop eating.

If you are in of a rut too, relax. This too shall pass. Creative blocks come and go, soon you’ll be back at it with ten times the ferocity you had before. In the meantime, try listening to these songs to get the energy flowing. These songs are an even mix of mellow, uplifting, and fun. Just the right combination to put you in the right mindset to send your brain into a happy, productive place.

HelloGiggles: Creativity Boost

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