This play about Hufflepuffs finally gives this Hogwarts house the cred it deserves

After many years, I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am a Hufflepuff. For the longest time I tried to convince myself that I was totally a Gryffindor, but honestly, I do not stare into the face of danger and laugh. I also would have failed Herbology, Potions, Divination, and barely passed Muggle Studies, so there’s no way I’m a Ravenclaw. And I suffer from too much guilt to ever be a Slytherin. The only choice left is Hufflepuff.

I do actually perfectly fit the description of a Hufflepuff, seeing as how I’m a hard worker, kind and generous, and have the patience of a badger. Lately, I’ve been embracing my inner Hufflepuff more and more, because it seems that Yellow and Black is finally here to have it’s time in the SUN (shoutout, Newt, for making this happen). Now, everyone can bask in the glory of the 4th best Hogwarts House, because there’s a new Harry Potter play out there, and it’s all about the “well meaning, loyal rejects.”

The play, put on by the People’s Improv of New York, is actually called Puffs, or, Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic. Which, if you had been a Hufflepuff during Harry’s time at Hogwarts, is basically the exact summary you would have given to your parents back home. Things did get increasingly eventful, and there you are, just trying to levitate a feather for McGonagall and mind your own business.

Written by Matt Cox, the story follows “Wayne Hopkins–a boy from New Mexico who is neither brave, smart, nor a snake,” who finds out that he’s a wizard. After enrolling at Hogwarts a school for magic (trademark, you guys), Wayne will “try to learn magic; try not to have his life ruined by his four-eyed nemesis; and try to not to get hurt in what is actually a very dangerous place to for unsupervised children to be. Sometimes he will succeed. Partially.”

According to Hypable, who got to see the show first hand, it closely follows the story of the seven books, but told through the eyes of Wayne and his friends — one of them being Cedric Diggory. It combines plot points from the Harry Potter books, while also mixing in some original content for Wayne, with a focus on the 4th year, or, “The one where the Hufflepuffs actually mattered.” It sounds like it’s got a lightning fast humor, but also a ton of heart, which is one of the reasons we love HP so much. And it’s about time the ‘Puffs got in on that action.

‘Puffs is currently running right now, and will through the end of January. Tickets are only $10 and if you’re in the New York City Area you should most definitely check this out. Badgers, unite!

(Image via Warner Bros.)

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