Some awesome reasons why you should play hooky today

With Daylight Saving come and gone—accompanied by an unseemly new 4:30PM sunset—there’s no better way to sentimentalize spending the day than by playing a time-honored game of hooky. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve staying home from school, binging on popsicles and TBS movie marathons. Below, a few reasons to have your mother send a note to the office and take to your “sickbed” in the truest fake-sick fashion.

Eat/drink what the doctor ordered: A sleeve of Saltine crackers and some flat Ginger Ale does the body good.

Marathon training: The perfect excuse to catch up on everything, from American Horror Story to The Mindy Project. Or, if you’re a glutton for syndication, try my perennial sick day favorite: Friends.

Climb the mountain: You know those September, October, and November issues that have been mounting since, well, September? Now’s the time.

Climb the virtual mountain: And how about the multi-daily emails you’ve been backlogging since Al Gore invented the internet? Do it to it, Lars!

Getting hot in here (with a hot water bottle): I like to keep a heating pad close by to maintain the authenticity of the ailment. *Special thanks to my roommate’s sciatic nerve, so we have one at the ready.

Bucket list: “Just in case,” my mom always kept a bucket by my bedside, even though she knew it wouldn’t be necessary (it was fun to play along).

Call your mom: Because she was probably your first co-conspirator in this wicked game anyway. Also, seriously. You should call her more.

Catch up on correspondence: I’m not afraid to admit, I am an avid collector of stationery. I am, at this very moment, swimming in paper goods. And to be perfectly honest, I have so many pen pals, they’re coming out my ears. So today, (yes, today) I’ll put pen to paper, stamp to envelope, and wind up feeling supremely accomplished, to boot.

Soak it up: Who has time to bathe anymore? In a proper bathtub, that is. Use today to draw a bath with your favorite bubbly (of the bubble bath variety; although on second thought, champagne will do, too).

Be your own boss: You made the decision to play hooky, so go ahead and do whatever your heart desires. Enjoy.

Lara Hillier is a New York actor, improviser, and writer. She appears regularly on stage, on the Internet, and on her mother’s Facebook page. She can next be seen in Tina Fey’s new comedy, THE UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, on NBC. Lara’s writing has been featured on and on her own website, You can follow her on Instagram @LaraHillier and Twitter @HaraLillier.

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