Host a virtual game night with these free online versions of Cards Against Humanity

While we’re all responsibly practicing social distancing, it may be awhile before we can get together with our friends for an in-person game night. However, there’s currently another way to stay entertained and connected with friends on a virtual level. You and your game-night posse can play versions of Cards Against Humanity online, so get ready to laugh your boredom away.

There are a few different virtual Cards Against Humanity gameplays available, but we’ll break down the best options for your group.

1The easiest way to play is via

The site has a variety of different card games available for multiple players, including classics like Checkers, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and of course, Cards Against Humanity—which the site dubbed “Remote Insensitivity” to comply with trademark rights. However, the gameplay is almost exactly the same.

Here’s how to get your virtual game night started: Click “Remote Insensitivity” and select “Start Game.” The site will bring you to a virtual game board and will give you a link to send to your friends. When they enter the game via the link, you’ll see them show up on screen and can even see their pointers move. Up to six people can play the game at once.

The only downside of the site is that it’s not currently set up for group chat. So fire up Zoom or FaceTime and loop everyone in that way.


2“Pretend You’re Zyxxy” is a Cards Against Humanity dupe that has expansion packs.

Pretend You’re Zyxxy is another similar game to Cards Against Humanity, except this option allows for more players. Though it’s more crudely designed, it does have more fun expansion packs than you’d get in the original at-home game. Think: Themes ranging from “Holiday Pack” to “’90s Nostalgia Pack,” to even something called “Period Pack.”

3You can play Cards Against Humanity by yourself via the CAH Lab

The Cards Against Humanity Lab, or CAH lab, is played directly on the game’s site, but it’s only single-player. To play, the site gives you a black card and you’re tasked with choosing the appropriate (or ~inappropriate~) white card. Experienced Cards Against Humanity players will find new cards that aren’t available in the box set, making this single-player game fun for even the CAH experts.

Of course, if you’re currently practicing social distancing with your group of roommates or family, you can buy the original game on its website now or download your own blank cards for free and create your own themed game. Gather up your friends, or simply gather yourself together and play a round of virtual hilarity. You’ll laugh, cringe, and forget about the current situation for a moment.

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