The platform sandal is coming back, we repeat, the platform sandal is coming back

Just in case you needed convincing that the ’90s rule and it’s a decade that’s strongly influencing today’s fashion world, let us give you the good news: the platform sandal is making a comeback, so whip out all your ’90s nostalgia and let’s do some shopping.

Rocket Dog has announced that their famous line of platform flip-flops is being launched on Wednesday.

They’ve collaborated with fashion guru Elizabeth Saltzman, who has just as much love for ’90s as we do. At the Oscars this year, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, showing the secret as to why she was “still comfortably standing after 15 hours.” It was the platform sandals, natch.

Thank you, Elizabeth, you shoe angel. She chatted to Refinery29 about why this news is so exciting.

"Life is cyclical… I think there are many trends we never wanted to see again from decades past, and perhaps for some, platform sandals are one of those trends. But not me," she said.

NOT US EITHER, for the record. And we doubt we’re alone in that sentiment. “This collaboration is all about happiness and happy feet,” Elizabeth continued. Now that’s a premise we can get behind.

Rocket Dog’s platform sandal line comes in six different colors and patterns, and each pair costs $85. Behold them in all their beauty.

You can buy them at MatchesFashion, The Store in London and Berlin, and on Mark your calendar, people! The platform sandal deserves a warm welcome back into our lives.

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