So, this new hair trend involves “growing” sprouts from your head

A new hair trend has been sweeping China and we are 100% intrigued. Actually, make that 110% because it’s that fascinating.

Here’s the lowdown: the young men and women of Beijing have taken to clipping small plastic sprouts atop their heads. Some look like the lima bean sprouts that you grew in elementary school, while others feature brightly colored petals. According to Beijinger, this is becoming a BIG DEAL and several street vendors are now selling an array of these head plants.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “Why?” And to be honest: no one really knows. Some believe that Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf(another Chinese invention that has us intrigued) inspired it. As for nature-lovers, they’re hoping that the style’s meant to be a comment on the air pollution surrounding Beijing. There’s also a third train of thought that states that the idea originated from a cosplay convention and grew in popularity since then. Basically: everyone’s really confused. 

Then again, there are those who explain the trend by saying, “It’s just cute.”

Here at HelloGiggles, it reminds us of the movie Sky High. Ya know, the one where the main character’s best friend has the ability to control plants? Yup. This is definitely one trend that she would love (especially since it perfectly matches her all-green wardrobe).

The verdict: if wearing a sprout on your head makes you happy, then go for it! Be one with nature! You do you!

[Images via Twitter]

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