Planters so cute they’ll give anyone a green thumb

Living in a tiny apartment might mean that options for adding greenery to your pad are pretty limited. A miniature herb garden on a windowsill or a corner plant can work wonders, but what about incorporating the space on your walls? Fool your friends into thinking you have a green thumb with these seriously precious wall planters from HEDGE. These mini pendants were part of a successful Kickstarter started by environmental designer Cora Neil. While HEDGE also offers bigger sizes of their rad-looking planters, these minis are perfect for those of us with restricted living space.

There’s also  good amount of ladypower vibes attached to these planters, as each one is named after a female trailblazer of the landscape design industry. For example, the Marian mini pendants are named after Marian Cruger Coffin, who was one of the first women to work as a professional landscaper in America. Now, which color will match your walls best: fig, marigold, or tangelo?

HEDGE mini wall planters, $58