These succulents look like lil’ bunnies throwing up peace signs

It’s succulent season! Whether you’re going for one with a bloom or a small, spiky variety, these plants are for the babe who has a black thumb. But now, they’re also for the bunny-loving babe, since the internet is currently freaking over succulents that look like bunnies throwing up peace signs. The plant’s scientific name is monilaria moniliformis or monilaria obconica, but we think “bunny plant” sounds much cuter!

The common thread between the different forms of the plant is the “bunny ears!” The early stages of the plant even look like bunnies throwing up peace signs, just in case you weren’t convinced that you needed these bad boys before. Photos of this succulent species have gone viral in Japan and we can’t say we’re surprised. We’re familiar with your garden variety succulent, but these make those looks like child’s play. Just look at those ears!

Eventually, the plants grow into a bigger version of their miniature selves, growing into a more filled-out form with longer ears, but they’re still adorable! And with Easter and the equinox coming up, this succulent seems incredibly appropriate. As the “ears” on these bunny plants grow, so do our love for them. And honestly, isn’t this a happy medium for someone who wants a bunny without the commitment? We mean, seriously, these are cute!

Although the seeds are sold-out on Amazon, you can still order them from Etsy.

But hurry, they’ll probably sell out on Etsy, too. Here’s to hoping you snag some for yourself. Or … should we say hopping?