Planned Parenthood donations have greatly increased, and we applaud everyone taking a stand for reproductive rights

With the results of the presidential election sinking in for people across the country, many of us are (rightfully) concerned about how this will impact many parts of our lives. And for people with uteri, this often means worrying about the future of our reproductive health.

Thankfully, many people agree that we must protect this kind of healthcare access. And Planned Parenthood donations have greatly increased since Tuesday's election results -- in fact, they are receiving more donations than ever.

If you have the means, donate to Planned Parenthood or one of the many reproductive health organizations that you can support.

President Obama has already taken action to protect Planned Parenthood, but that doesn’t stop the growing need for private donations backing them. From small reoccurring donations to one-time large sum donations, donors all over the country are committing to supporting Planned Parenthood.

Anti-choice politicians question whether Planned Parenthood is a necessary organization — largely stemming from the fact that they perform abortions. But PP is vital to the reproductive health of so many people beyond abortion access. Planned Parenthood is often the only affordable option for thousands of citizens for STI testing, pregnancy testing, pap smears, and breast cancer screenings.

It’s vital that even in the upcoming months, we do all that we can to protect the sexual and reproductive health of all our citizens. Donating and standing behind the message of Planned Parenthood is a necessary step in the right direction for securing the safety of everyone’s health.

Donate to PP here!

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