This little girl is Planned Parenthood’s most adorable defender

Planned Parenthood, an organization that has done so much good for women and families, has been the victim of a terribly bad faith coordinated attack this past year. It’s been a grim experience watching the outright lies told about this organization treated like facts in which decisions can reasonably be based on in the highest lawmaking bodies in the land.

If there has been any silver lining to this equal parts frustrating and heartbreaking situation, it’s been watching supporters of women’s health come out of the woodwork to stand with Planned Parenthood. We’ve seen Lemony Snicker donate $1 million to PP, and Mark Zuckerberg donated almost a billion dollars to the women’s health organization. Of course, not every supporter has this kind of money sitting around, and so those who don’t have that kind of cash to have to think of more out of the box ways to stand with PP.

As Elite Daily reports, Staceyann Chin is the host of LivingRoomProtest, a YouTube series concerned with social issues, and she recently had her toddler daughter Zuri Chin on the show to discusss Planned Parenthood.

As mother and daughter explain on the show, they are both wearing “powerful pink” because they stand with Planned Parenthood.

When Staceyann asks her daughter why she stands with Planned Parenthood, Zuri has an A+ response:

“Because we have our own body, and we can do everything with our own body!”

So, yes, Staceyann being the adult is usually the one spouting the rock-solid facts on this show, but Zuri is the ultimate hype girl, constantly chiming in with adorable support. And Staceyann is the smartest, sweetest, most supportive mom (at one point she exclaims “I love doing protests with you” and has to take a beat to give Zuri a big hug, because love.)

Zuri ends the video with a song (because of COURSE she does) and then, for the grand finale, shouts “We be nice to our bodieeeeeeees!” to the heavens.

Hear, hear.

Check out all the adorableness/awesomeness below:

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In a very fortunate event, Lemony Snicket just donated $1 million to Planned Parenthood

Image via YouTube