This planetary planner is perfect for anyone who loves all things zodiac

If you or your friend are obsessed with astrology and horoscopes, following the AstroTwins on is a must. Ophira and Tali Edut “are professional astrologers who reach millions worldwide through their spot-on predictions,” according to their website. With their super in-depth horoscopes, the twins have the ability to help readers plan their lives based on the cosmos. And now you can get a physical copy of your own personalized guide to love, career, health, and more in the form of the AstroTwin’s 2017 Planetary Planner.

Available in both a paperback and digital Ebook formatting, the 2017 Planetary Planner includes forecasts for all 12 zodiac signs, 2017 numerology, Chinese astrology, big-picture forecasts, and new/full moon rituals.

Give this to your horoscope-obsessed BFF and she will flip her lid. Buy it here for $49.99.


If you like the idea of the 2017 Planetary Planner, but wish to personalize it to fit your friend’s zodiac, check out the individually sold Zodiac Sign Books on Astrostyle. Each book includes the yearly forecast, numerology, Chinese astrology, and new/full moon rituals for each specific zodiac. Buy them individually here for $24.95 each.


In each 2017 Planetary Planner, the AstroTwins have tracked the big cosmic events in 2017, such as retrogrades, new and full moons, and “the trend-shaping actions of the large outer planets.” The7 connect each cosmic event to its affects on your love life, health, career, and just general day-to-day life so you can make more conclusive decisions that will give you the best outcome.

The in-depth zodiac forecasts offer the same – where in 2017 will you find luck and where will you be challenged? The AstroTwins also outline the best dates in each month to involve yourself in matters of love and money. These books are like your 2017 babysitter who is taking care of you the best way they know how – which is great because who doesn’t need a babysitter?

Felicia Bender, Astrostyle’s numerologist, will teach you “why 2017 is a ‘1’ Universal Year” and gives you “a Personal Year forecast for your Life Path number.” If you’re not sure what that means, you’ll learn when you receive this book! It’s fascinating!

Bingo! You’ve stumbled upon a great gift for the horoscope fanatic in your life. Order a planner for yourself, too, because if you’re anything like us, it’s awesome to receive all the help in life that you can get!

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