This “Planet Earth” parody perfectly deconstructs how you and your squad do brunch

For many millennials the world over, Sunday brunch has become something of a sacred weekend mission. But did you know there’s actually a pretty complex science behind your weekly mimosa and waffle experience?

This Planet Earth parody exposes the complex ritual of brunch with your squad, and you’re about to learn just how intricate the brunch ecosystem actually is.

Yep, you may think that brunch is a pleasant weekly bonding sesh with your closest pals, but you’re wrong…there’s so much more to brunch than meets the Ray Ban-wearing eye.

Those impressive scientists over at investigated the science of your beloved Sunday brunch, and it will probably #blowyourmind.

In “Planet Brunch,” the “brunchimal kingdom” is intricately explored, from the first member of the squad to arrive (“the Alpha”) to the friend who is still rocking her club gear from last night, and the rude-as-hell scrub (er…intruder) who attempts to interrupt the requisite mimosa pour. What looks like an innocent outdoor veranda filled with hungry and excited brunchers is actually a feeding hole in the wild.

On the surface, the squad is there simply to have a few cocktails, recap the night before, eat some on-trend avo toast, and take a few #brunch Instagrams, but there’s so much more beneath the surface.

What will happen when the check has to be split? What if a squad member goes to post a selfie without the entire group’s permission? Why is this scrub in a bad outfit handing out fliers to his lame DJ set?

Indeed, there are many complexities to unravel on “Planet Brunch.”