This plane had to make an emergency landing after a woman found out her husband was cheating

Flying involves a lot of gambling: You buy your ticket, board the plane, and hope all goes well. Then there’s the probable mix of turbulence, bad airplane food, crying babies, or neighbors who kick your seat. This, all in all, isn’t so bad — especially when you consider how much worse it could be. Take it from this Qatar Airlines flight from Qatar to Indonesia, when the plane had to make an emergency landing after a woman found out her husband was cheating. Yes, really, and that’s not even the juiciest part. The wife used her sleeping husband’s fingerprint to access his phone, and let’s just say she didn’t like what she saw.

According to The Times of India, the woman was inebriated and caused an outburst after discovering her husband was cheating. Honestly though, who wouldn’t go a little wild when they realize their significant other is having an affair? We can only imagine this level of rage, though — it escalated to the point where, after the crew couldn’t help the woman calm down, the flight had to make an emergency landing in Chennai, India.

Then, she and the rest of her family — husband and child (yes, there was a child present) — got kicked off the flight.

Thankfully, no further action had to be taken by police.

We wonder what the other people on the flight were thinking, and we’re hoping nothing got too crazy or violent. This seems like a pretty traumatic experience, and we hope everything is worked out peacefully.