One woman is having pizza delivered over 1,500 miles, because pizza

People often do crazy things for love. And by love, I mean love of pizza.

In preparation of the upcoming Super Bowl this Sunday, one woman in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, is having pizza delivered for her and her husband from 2,3000 kilometers away. That’s roughly 1,4291 miles, or about the distance from New York City to San Antonio, Texas. That is some serious delivery dedication.

The pizza-loving orderer, Carol Brown, explained, after she and her husband moved away from their regular pizza joint, Arcata Pizzeria in Windsor, Ontario, and still really missed it. So why not have it specially delivered for a special occasion?  “We miss pizza from Windsor.” she told, “I thought ‘I’d love to get one shipped. I’d just like to have that pie.’”

Arcata owner, Bob Abumeeiz (doing his thang below), thought it was a joke at first. But nope, the Brown family just really needed that pizza.

The 32-slice king-sized pizza — half Hawaiian with ham, pineapple and double cheese, and half bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms and red onion — isn’t just going to travel shotgun in someone’s car. Instead, it is getting the luxury treatment and traveling by UPS. Also, side note, why did we not know beforehand that UPS will assist with pizza delivery? I’m assuming that this type of thing isn’t done every day, but still. UPS must have a soft spot for cheesy goodness, too.

The most important thing about this is the timing, considering the pizza is coming from so far, and still won’t be eaten till Sunday. The first prep step was to half-bake the pizza on Wednesday. Then they froze it, and will pass it along to UPS today at 5pm. UPS will package the pizza in its own box (SERIOUSLY, how long has UPS been working in conjunction with pizza delivery and no one told us??) where it’ll then be loaded onto an airplane and fly away. It’s slated to arrive at the Brown’s house by noon the following day, Friday. It’ll still be frozen, and then de-thawed and cooked Sunday morning.

This is not the first time Arcata Pizzeria has fulfilled a special request like this. Their pizza must be insanely good, because they often receive requests to ship to Toronto, but that’s only about 360km/225miles away. Still, that’s a pretty impressive delivery route.

It’s not insanely expensive, either. The pizza is $40, not including the double cheese request and the toppings. The delivery cost is only $84 dollars, which honestly sounds like a steal for good pizza delivered right to your door. All together, it’s only $140.12. Converting that to American dollars, a whopping $112.54!! I KNOW I have paid more for pizza before in my life. We all have.

But maybe we all shouldn’t rush out and get pizza pizza delivered from Canada. Or maybe we should. Does everyone want to pitch in like $5 so we can try this out?

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