Let’s talk about pizza waffles, which are a very real thing

Have you ever met a pizza that wasn’t delicious? Of course not. Given pizza’s incredibly high success rate in always-being-delicious department, when the idea of pizza waffles came across our radar we very, very interested.

It’s incredibly simple, as illustrated by Food Steez on YouTube. You just roll out the pizza dough (you can get excellent premade doughs at the supermarket), drop it in a waffle iron and dress it with your toppings of choice. They go with the classic pepperoni pizza toppers of marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, but we could see this being an amazing venue for a pesto sauce based pie or some of those chunky, delicious toppings like chicken and artichoke hearts since the waffle iron can handle them beautifully.

Press down, wait 5 to 7 minutes and presto! You’ve got a beautiful, crispy crust waffle pizza! This may be the food hack of the year guys.

The only barrier to entry, as far as making this yourself goes, is that you need a waffle iron. If you have not, thus far in life, been committed enough to waffles to get one (or just have a small kitchen), we get it. Perhaps the thought of savory pizza waffles will swing you around on that one.

Watch the video below and get your pizza waffle on!

(Image via video.)